1-on-1 Sessions

As each of us are individuals, with different experiences and having different needs, so too are our horses. With this in mind, I like to start working with horses and their owners by doing a thorough 1-on-1 assessment. This assessment allows me to understand the behaviour and sensitivities surrounding any issues that you may be experiencing with your horse. There are so many factors that can affect a horse’s behaviour, and much of it usually unknown to us.

Depending on the issues that you are experiencing, I will suggest a course of action, and training methods that you can apply, to work through these issues towards a relaxed, secure and respectful behaviour from your horse.

In all instances, it is more beneficial if you or your groom work with me, so I can teach you the techniques, which allow for consistency in your horse’s handling, after I have left. Understandably so, not everyone can participate in these sessions, so I am more than happy to work with your horse in your absence if required.

After the initial assessment, and dependent on your requirements, I can do daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions with you and your horse.

A session is normally 1 hour in duration, however, this is largely dependent on your horse’s capacity for training, fitness and concentration.

Sessions can be held at your Stable Yard, or alternatively, you can bring your horse to me.