Many people struggle when trying to box their horse, and it is usually when there is a limited time frame, and everyone is excited at the prospect of attending an event, or moving somewhere.

Very often, it is during these stressful times, that horses fears and insecurities play out, and we resort to tranquilizing horses, which can also have an adverse effect on their behaviour and performance when reaching an event.

Boxing is something that should be done on a regular basis, to ensure not only the safety of yourselves and your horse, but to ensure a stress free event for everyone. Conserving your horse’s energy before a sporting event will be exceptionally valuable when you compete.

If you do not own your own horse box, I can provide one (additional costs apply). If there are several horses at your yard that require help with boxing, I can spend several hours there, and the costs can be apportioned between everyone concerned.

Often a horse that is problematic with boxing, is due to a bad past experience, and it is not always a ‘quick-fix’ solution. Building their trust, respect and confidence, through consistent groundwork training, will go a long way to ensuring that your horse boxes confidently.