Wayne Bushnell Horsemanship evolved purely through the love of horses that Wayne has had since a young child. To be the best that we can be, ensures that all horses have the best training, leadership and care that we can offer. A lifetime of learning, riding and understanding, has led to the growth and development of Wayne’s business. Creating relationships between horse and owner that have changed both his and their lives.

Wayne grew up with horses, riding with his family on their farm in Zimbabwe from the young age of 6 months. As a child, Wayne would spend endless hours fishing and hunting on horseback. At the age of 13, he developed a passion for Polocrosse and would ride 40kms to the training grounds, spend the weekend training for Polocrosse, then ride the 40kms back home on a Sunday afternoon.

He represented Polocrosse at U21 Provincial level and then went on to coach and play in Ireland, England, Wales, Australia and New Zealand and whilst living in New Zealand was selected for the New Zealand squad for the World Cup.

Wayne returned to the family farm and business in Zimbabwe and managed 80 horses and staff and provided 3-4 day Game Reserve Trail Rides to tourists from around the world. He developed his own Horsemanship Training Techniques and applied learning’s from his time spent with Monty Roberts and various other revered Horsemen.

In 1994 Wayne fulfilled a lifelong dream and spent 11 months riding through Argentina, with 2 horses he purchased in JuyJuy province in Argentina. Having spent 24/7 with his horses, gave him an invaluable understanding of the behavior and nature of horses. He rode through the Andes, participated in the rural horse events and submerged himself in their equine culture. A priceless adventure and experience.

After leaving the family farm and whilst living in New Zealand Wayne continued on a journey growing his Horsemanship knowledge and skills.

Whilst in South Africa watching the Polocrosse World Cup, he made the decision to stay and start his own Horsemanship business, which has evolved and grown through the passion and commitment he displays in every interaction with horses and their owners.

Wayne began a range of products which are all centered around Natural Horsemanship, carefully selected and tested to ensure he stands by his brand, knowing that your horses are receiving the best he can offer.