Trail Ride Training

There are many different types and levels of Trail Riding or Hacking. Many people just want a safe and relaxed horse when going for an outride, and some people want their horse to be able to handle challenging environments, like dogs barking, traffic, rivers and bridges for example.

No matter what your goals, there is a lot of training that can be done during an outride, teaching your horse to cope with unexpected ‘surprises’ along the way, can be challenging, but is always exceptionally important. There is also a large amount of training that you as a rider can benefit from, through my guidance and instruction.

Should you wish to train on an outride, I offer various options, these being :

  • You provide an additional horse at your premises, which I ride, and we go on an outride.
  • You bring your horse to me, and I utilize my own horse, on an outride.

The costs associated with Trail Ride Training are relative to the time utilized.