Group Training

I offer Group Training, when a group of people are wanting to share the costs of a training session, held at their own venue.

It is important to be aware, that everyone needs to be on a similar level in terms of where they are with their horse and training. It is disruptive for most, if anyone is very different, as that slows down the process, or, if someone is much more advanced, they can get bored if too much time is spent on lower level basics.

As can be expected, the bigger the group the less individual 1-on-1 attention they will receive, so I like to keep the groups small, to ensure that everyone gets the correct amount of attention, and can be instructed effectively.

It is also possible to split a large group into 2 smaller groups, based on capabilities, so everyone in each group are on a similar level.

For Group Training, I require a minimum of 2 hours / session.