Wayne has been working with me and my 2 horses since May 2016 and I have to say that it’s been an amazing experience.  While I have done a lot of riding before, I have never been involved in bringing on a new horse or properly correcting behaviors in an older horse.  Wayne is gentle and sensitive to both horse and owner and possesses an uncanny intuition as to how to address problem areas.  He is extremely non-judgemental which has caused me to build the confidence to try new things for myself – this in itself has been an enormously exhilarating and motivating experience for me. I would highly recommend him for anyone who would like: 
• a better understanding of their horses
• to be able to develop a wonderful bond with them
• to address specific issues successfully in a safe, kind and gentle way
• have their horses actually enjoy their work!

Jean Goodall

We thought we were heading towards what I feel may have been a bit of a disaster with Zen Queen.  She is a off the track thoroughbred mare and believe me full of beans.  We started with Wayne hoping and praying that it will do her good.  There were up’s and down’s tears and eina’s but not only did Zen become a sweetie pie  but Che-Mari’s outlook towards training and doing horsemanship became much more effective and constant.  Zen took a 180˚ turn and became the horse that we wanted.   I just want to take time to thank Wayne & Janine for being there.  Your support and guidance is ever present and is always appreciated.  Che-Mari became more confident.  Truly the best decision we ever make for Chims and Zen.  

Verna, Callie, Che-Mari & Zen Queen

During the first few months, Gracie had an attitude of note: rearing, disrespectful, I guess being a typical mare.  We could’ve given up on her (just like the previous owner/s) and send her back where she came from, but instead, we decided to become part of the solution.  It was clear to my wife and I that, Gracie needed help because the previous owner fitted the wrong saddle, only rode her on one rein (in one direction most of the time) and a whole bag of other issues.  She was also overweight and simply lacked the attention and love she deserved.  So with the help of a Vet, and a Chiropractor, and a Nutritionist, and a lot of work, patience, perseverance, and dedication from my wife Carin Jonker and my daughter Kirsten Jonker, and the most important of all – the expert coaching by Wayne Bushnell of Wayne Bushnell Horsemanship, we experienced what you see here.  Today we see a changed pony, a 180 transformation from what she was to what she (and her rider, Kirsten) has become.  Wayne, to you sir, I raise my hat with admiration, because without your help Gracie would just be another horse and Kirsten without one.

Hein Jonker

Thank you, Wayne (Wayne Bushnell Horsemanship) for helping our duo find their way back to each other. After weeks of frustration from both sides due to blurred lines in their relationship Fridays lesson on how to calm your own energy, soften your approach, and focus not only on the end result but on the ask and the try as well, has resulted in a calm, willing, and happy League, and a rider grinning from ear to ear. In just one day their relationship has gone from prickly hard work to a beautiful bond of mutual respect, understanding, and a balance between work and playtime.

Deena Parker Buys, Jaime & The Big League

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Wayne Bushnell. His kind, patient understanding of horses is a joy to experience and his love for all equines is apparent. I am so happy with the gentle way in which my precious young Arab gelding has been started by Wayne.

Janette Nicholson & Yentle Foxtrot